If you are a new patient or have not been seen in the office this year, please print out our Patient information sheet and fill it out prior to your arrival and bring it with you.

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Before you arrive for your visit please review the following documents:

What to expect at your exam (even if you think you know already)

Why you should always bring your current glasses to your exam (even if you hate them)

If you wear Contacts please also review:

What to expect for your contact lens evaluation

Your visit will go much smoother if you have what we need and you know what to expect.

If you have questions about your insurance and what it covers please read this blog post: Health Insurance versus Vision Plan insurance, what is the difference and which one should I use?

You can also view our HIPPA privacy policy

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Surgery Center Transporation Consent form

Co-pay, deductibles, and refraction fees (What is a Refraction?) are expected to be paid at the time of your visit. It is your responsibility to know your insurance policy rules. If you need a referral please make sure you have it before you arrive. For your convenience the practice accepts cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard. If the fees are not paid at the end of the visit, there will be a $10 surcharge added to your balance to bill you later.

Our eye exams are divided into two parts. The first is the medical eye exam. During this section of the exam the doctor is determining the overall health of your eyes and deciding on any treatment or follow-up that may be necessary to keep them healthy. This part is usually covered by your health insurance. The second part of the exam is determining your refractive state. That means we are determining if you need glasses and what prescription they need to be if they are indeed needed. Most health insurances (including Medicare) DO NOT cover the refractive part of the exam. That means that you are responsible for paying for the refractive part of the exam at the time of your visit. The refraction fee is now $40.

CONTACT LENSES - All of our contact lens services are handled by our Optometrist, Dr. Jonathan Gerard. The contact lens evaluation is the service where the doctor assesses the fit of your contacts and adjusts the power of the lens according to your latest measurement. During this time the doctor may discuss new lens materials or modalities that may better suit your lens wearing habits and needs to provide you with the best possible lens wearing experience A trial pair of lenses are either dispensed that day, or if needed ordered, so you may try the new power adjustment before you order an entire supply of contacts then realize you don't like the new prescription. This evaluation covers you for a period of 60 days (starting the day of the initial evaluation) for follow ups related to the contact lenses at no extra charge. Unfortunately, your contacts are not considered medically necessary, so your medical plan doesn't provide for evaluation of cosmetic contact lenses, the cost for the lens evaluation is $55.00 for standard contacts for current contact wearers who are staying with their same brand of lenses, $75 for current wearers who are changing brands or lens type. For new contact lens wearers there is an initial fitting fee of $125 for standard contacts. The fees will be higher for specialty contacts (torics, multifocal, etc).

Amsler Grid for macular degeneration.