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Choosing The Right Eyeglass Frames For Your Face

Choosing The Right Frames For Your Face
By Richard Striffolino Jr

For many, choosing a new pair of eyeglasses can be a daunting task. The commitment of making a finite decision on what style glasses you will be wearing for the next year until your vision is checked again can be stressful. Obviously this is one of the many reasons the optician is here for you. In many ways, this may be the most important task for the optician, because keeping the patient happy only motivates them to wear the glasses daily.

Most people’s reaction is to play it safe, and stick with something relatively similar to what they are currently wearing. This, while not necessarily being a bad decision, is not something the opticians try to promote. Our new optician, Richard, likes to spend time meeting with the frame representatives, and browsing the internet to keep up with the ever changing trends in the world of eyeglass frames. There is no better feeling  than successfully “updating” your image with a new set of eyeglass frames. Many of our happy patients cannot believe how much of a difference a well fit and styled pair of glasses will affect their overall look.

There are many simple tips and tricks that are to be considered when starting to browse for your next pair of frames. The goal of this article is to improve one’s starting point when beginning to choose frames, that way once the optician gets involved, the process is already well under way. Keep in mind that these are merely guidelines. We always support the idea of “outside the box” thinking as long as it fits within the required parameters of your prescription.

The first step is successfully identifying what face shape category you seem to fit in.


The image above shows the most common categories for face shapes. These are a great guideline to help decide which frames will most likely appear to fit the best. In order from top to bottom and left to right, we will not go over each shape briefly and explain which frames may be best suited.

Oval -Oval faces are considered to be the “most versatile” because most frame styles and sizes fit well on this face. As a general rule, and especially for the oval faces, avoid choosing frames that extend past the widest part of your face. Stick with moderate sized frames.

Upside Down Triangle-  To even out the proportions of this face shape, choosing semi rimless frames is always a positive. Less attention to the bottom half of the frame helps enhance the natural curves of this face shape. Also frames that stay wide at the bottom and do not taper inward will also help even out this face.

Oblong- Being longer than it is wide, this face shape enjoys having larger frames on it. A lower bridge will help shorten the nose, and solid dark colors are a positive as well.

Square- A strong jaw line is the focus of this face shape, so to compete with that, choosing smaller narrow frames is a positive if possible. Ovals and rounds work better than squares in that regard.

Diamond- Broad cheek bones are the focal point of this face shape. Being quite rare, the best style frames to put on these faces are in the cat eye family. Following the face’s contours, flare top frames, semi rimless frames, and fun colors tend to work well with this shape.

Round- Rectangular frames work best on round faces. Wide bridges help separate the eyes and bring symmetry to the face. Make sure the frames are wider than they are deep.

Triangle- Cat eye frames work exceptionally well with this face shape also. Frames that have a lot of style and accents to the upper part of the frames and temples is a plus as this brings attention to the naturally narrow forehead.

Along with shapes and styles, some believe that certain colors work best with certain faces. All people are considered to have either cool (blue) or warm (yellow) skin tones. They feel that people should stick within their family of coloring. Again this is only a recommendation as we are always promoting the idea of wearing what you like. This is just strictly a guideline for those struggling to choose a frame for themselves. Based on experience, eye color can have an effect as well. People with lighter eyes tend to prefer lighter frame colors, and vice versa for people with darker eyes. Also hair color can be considered. Patients with lighter or grey hair tend to shy away from darker frames unless looking to make a statement.

At the end of the day you have to choose what is most comfortable for yourself. Take our opticians’ suggestions and educated opinions, and we are certain you’ll be happy with your next purchase. There is much to consider, but always keep in mind that comfort and functionality are the priorities. Some people believe plastic or zyl frames are more comfortable than metal or semi-rimless. Having nose pads, metal frames feel “heavy” to some. Others cannot wear plastic due to oily skin. Plastic frames may slide as the day progresses so metal may be better suited. The best advice we can give is to try your best to not be overwhelmed. Follow some simple guidelines, and remember to enjoy the process. Wearing glasses has become more popular, and there are infinite styles and options to get you seeing well and looking great.

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