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5 reasons not to buy your eyeglasses online.

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5 Reasons Not to Buy Your Eyeglasses Online.

By Richard Striffolino Jr

It is safe to say that many people prefer shopping online to shopping in stores for most of their needs. With technology constantly improving and evolving, the average person tends to take advantage of the convenience of shopping online. Whether it be clothing, electronics, or  even food, you can easily find almost everything you need on the internet. Eyeglasses, unfortunately, are no different. Many online shops have been popping up in recent years offering people that same convenience. What they do not tell you, is that it comes at a price and this article’s purpose is to shine a light on the negatives to shopping online for eyeglasses. Here are a couple quick, but important reasons to avoid the temptation of ordering glasses online.

  1. Accuracy- Instead of saving the most important point for last, we will focus on the main reason that online eyeglass ordering is a bad idea first. Accuracy of product is a huge reason that the online market has not completely taken off. Every person who needs eyeglasses needs to understand the process for how their prescription is obtained in order to truly understand why shopping online is a bad idea. It is called an eyeglass prescription for a reason. Your ophthalmologist or optometrist is prescribing  these lenses, as if they were prescribing a pill or any other form of medication. To now take that prescription and hand it over to a website that does not require licensed workers to interpret that prescription, is not the wisest choice. Equally as important as the prescription itself are the PD, pupillary distance measurement, and the optical centers. These measurements are not given at the time of the examination by the ophthalmologist or optometrist, but instead are administered by the optician at the point of sale. Not having these measurements done accurately will negatively affect the quality of vision as much as an error in the prescription.

  2. Quality- Similar to the accuracy of the lens, the quality of the product you are purchasing is affected when making the decision to purchase online. The saying, “too good to be true,”  is the case more times than not, and this purchase is no exception. When you see enticing advertisements for affordable pricing, pricing that seems to be too good, there is a reason for that. This product is often not inspected or handled by a state licensed optician. These websites rely on mass production in order to operate. Factory workers operating machines pales in comparison to the experience you will receive at a practice like Shore Eye Associates. We are opticians licensed by the state to interpret and manufacture your eyeglass prescriptions and we areheld to a much higher standard than the aforementioned factory workers.

  3. Warranty- Most if not all of these websites, due to their low prices, do not include any form of warranty or guarantee for their products. We stand behind everything that you purchase at Shore Optical. If  there are issues with adjustment, or a patient not being comfortable in a specific lens or product, Shore Optical is always willing to work with you. This personal experience is not attainable via the web.

  4. Coordination with your Doctor- With the complexity of eyeglass lenses, the ease of working in house is always a benefit worth keeping in mind. Eyeglass lenses are in many instances, very complex products. Having the benefit of being able to work directly with the doctor gives the optician the best chance to put you in exactly what you need. There is a substantial difference in the percentage of error between shopping online and within a private practice.

  5. Personal Experience- Probably the most important factor for many people, the personal experience you get when shopping at Shore Optical, is something you cannot obtain by using the internet. Dealing with the same opticians year in and out, is something our patients emphasize and appreciate. Just like people tend to keep the same doctors over the years, patients like knowing that the same people will be in charge of making their glasses. Shopping online cannot and will not offer a similar experience.

All of these factors should be weighed heavily when making the decision to shop online. While the initial price difference could entice you at first, know that it does come at a price. Whether it be warranty, quality, or convenience all of these are very important factors when buying glasses. People sometimes tend to discount how intricate eyeglasses are. They should be handled with utmost care and quality, and that is exactly what we focus on at Shore Optical.

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