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Are you suffering from red, itchy eyelids?

Red, Itchy, swollen eyelids are usually due to a condition called blepharitis.  It tends to be a chronic condition due to thick eyelid mucous gland production that sticks to the bases of the eyelashes.  This adherent mucous can allow bacteria to overgrow and also attract and retain allergens.  The standard treatment for blepharitis has been doing warm compresses and cleaning off the eyelids with a mild baby shampoo and water solution.  This treatment works for some people but there are many more sufferers who have chronic irritation and relapses despite this treatment.  

We now have a new prescription product available from Novabay Pharmaceuticals  called Avenova.  It is an antimicrobrial cleanser that rapidly kills the majority of bacteria we see as the cause of many recurrent cases of blepharitis.  The product comes as a spray bottle that you spray on a cotton ball and then use the moistened cotton ball to clean your eyelases.  

We have started several of our toughest cases on this product and the results have been excellent with many patients telling us their eyes feel better than they have in years.  If you are a chronic suffer of red, itchy, swollen eyelids make an appointment with one of our doctors today to see if Avenova is right for you.


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Friday, 21 January 2022

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