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Eye Care Telemedicine


Eye Care Telemedicine

The doctors at Shore Eye Associates are now offering TELEHEALTH services to our patients during the COVID-19 crisis.  If you are having a problem with your eyes or your vision that you feel needs attention you can call our office and if we feel that we could potentially take care of your problem with our telehealth service we will arrange to do that with you.   This will allow you to have your issue addressed without having to come into the office during this time when we should all be staying home as much as possible.

Not all problems can be dealt with over this service so we will only advise you to use this if we think your problem can be appropriately addressed.

Medicare and most other health insurance are covering (some with normal deductibles and copays) these telehealth appointments during the current COVID-19 crisis.  If your health insurance declines to cover your telehealth visit, we will limit our charges to $35 for the visit.

Call us to arrange an appointment or visit the home page of our website for more details.

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Friday, 21 January 2022

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