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Blephex for Blepharitis


Blast Blepharitis with Blephex!


We, at Shore Eye Associates, now have an excellent treatment for the most common eye disease that we treat (Blepharitis). 

The Blephex system is currently one of the best treatment options available for sufferers of this eye condition, as it is the one treatment that gets to the roots of its cause. The eyelid margin is the only place on the body that almost never gets “washed”, even from birth. As a person ages, natural bacteria that exists on everyone’s body starts to build up into something called a biofilm, which is a little bit like plaque buildup on your teeth. However, while it’s essentially drilled into our heads from when we’re a child that plaque buildup on teeth is bad, no one ever mentions anything about our eyelids! Enter Blephex, the eyelid plaque buster!

What can I do for my red, itchy eyelids?

Much like people use a manual toothbrush, for years people have been able to use manual eyelid scrubs and baby shampoo to clean their eyelids. And yet, when people use a manual toothbrush, they don’t get that “after the dentist” clean sensation on their teeth like they would with an electric toothbrush. That’s probably the best way to describe Blephex, the “electric toothbrush” for the eyelids. 

Using a small polishing tool, our doctors and technicians use a cleaning foam and mildly abrasive motion to clean the eyelid margins and kill the bacteria and remove the biofilm that builds up and causes Blepharitis. Afterwards, the eyes may be slightly irritated temporarily, but the irritation goes away soon after. This procedure might need to be done twice a year to ensure maximum efficacy. 

If you’ve been suffering from red, itchy, swollen, tired, or dry eyes, Blephex might be just the treatment you’re looking for. 

Another treatment we offer for Blepharitis:  Heated eye pad treatment for blepharitis.

Call the office at   732.341.4733 and make an appointment to see if Blephex or heated eye pad treatments are the answer for your longstanding red, itchy, crusty eyelids. 

Click on the video below to see how the Blephex system works.

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Friday, 22 October 2021

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