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Ocular Allergies at the Jersey Shore

Ocular Allergies at the Jersey Shore

Ocular allergies are among the most common eye conditions from which

people of all ages suffer. Though typically worse in the high allergy

seasons of spring and summer due to new plants sprouting, for some

people these problems can last year-round. This is especially true for

people who have allergies to pet dander, mold, dust mites, and other

common allergens that tend to linger throughout the year.

You can find your Jersey Shore local pollen forecasts below:

Pollen forecast for Toms River

Pollen forecast for Brick

Pollen Forecast for Spring Lake

The hallmark sign of ocular allergies is itching. While itching can

manifest in other eye conditions, the likelihood that there is at

least some allergy component to the condition is quite high. One

component of this itching that I've found particularly true is when

the itching occurs mainly in the inner corner of the eyes. This

signals that the condition is allergy-related, whereas itching along

the eyelid margin suggests other conditions. The itching is usually

accompanied by redness, tearing, and string-like mucus discharge from

the eye. When accompanied by rhinitis, sinusitis, and sneezing, people

can truly suffer from their allergies- especially as it relates to the


You can find the top Jersey Shore allergens for your county below:

Top allergens in Ocean County

Top allergens in Monmouth County

The good news is there are many avenues for relief from this annoying

condition. There are many over-the-counter antihistamine drops, Alaway

and Zaditor being the ones I prescribe most often. In particularly

severe cases, prescription antihistamine/mast cell stabilizer

combination drops, or even topical steroids, can be used. In addition,

cold compresses can be a great adjunct therapy.

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